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"paper and a pencil are the best friends i've got."

create some change

I've always thought the best way to relieve yourself from everyday stress was to write.
We need to write to clarify.
I'm not going to sit here telling you my life story.
I'll make it simple for you.

I'm easygoing.
I live for myself, music, art, guitar, a good book. I value the very close friendships I have though I don't get too attached to people because at this day and age teenagers are full of shit.
I love art.
I wish I was less conservative with it.
I don't waste paint.
I have a slight obsession with Andy Warhol.
And Edie Sedgwick.
I love the smell of hair dye. To an extreme
I play guitar.
I kinda suck.
But that's okay. It's not like I'm going to become famous for my guitarplaying skills.
I love books.
Including cheesy romances.
But also highly acclaimed shit.
I'm blonde.
But that doesn't mean I'm stupid.

I don't like change much. It kinda fucks me over. So I try to change with the change.
It doesn't always work - so I end up with, hair dye on my hands, and hair in the sink... quite often really.